Why No Code is the Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence

When Samantha asked me to guest write for the Metaranx blog I of course said yes. Looking at Metaranx (no code for AI), I couldn’t help but think about what innovative creators like Samantha thought about technology over the decades. I spent a number of years working in virtual reality. Like VR, artificial intelligence in and of itself is not a new technology. Artificial intelligence as a field was formed in 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth College.

Both virtual reality and artificial intelligence have hit highs and lows over the decades, going from being touted as the next big thing in tech to fading out and being revived again as technology caught up to our aspirations. Similar to how virtual reality experienced a rebirth in 2016, artificial intelligence has grown exponentially in recent years, digitally transforming businesses.

Metaranx is performing its own sort of digital transformation. By enabling artificial intelligence through no code, Metranax enables the businesses to build and test out their own AI solutions. Artificial intelligence made user friendly fast tracks projects, allowing business users and technical teams alike to quickly test and deploy AI. Artificial intelligence as a technology doesn’t have to be complicated. By making it available for everyone, it can become part of a business’s DNA.

Jaron Lanier, coiner of the term “virtual reality”, said that people used to think about computer programs with a general philosophy of life. They thought about the big picture and tried to turn that into software and hardware interfaces as a unified concept. Instagram started out as a life philosophy. Instagram user number 19, Chris Messina said, “Instagram is this mirror on ourselves and it allows each of us to contribute our own experience to the understanding of the world.”

The difference between a corporate vision and a creator generated vision of a technology is that in the hands of the creator it can become something else entirely from the confines of the corporate idea. As Messina said of Instagram, “it gives you this glimpse of humanity and changes your whole perspective on everything and the importance of it.”

No code companies offer something different. They offer a tool that lets you create outside of it. To bring your vision as the maker to life. In a world where the majority of the population strives for digital recognition and validation, we can get that though making something of value instead of arbitrary “likes” and followers.

With no code drag and drop tools, anyone with a big picture idea or life philosophy, can turn it onto product, game, or program. We have seen this a lot with COVID-19. No code tools opened themselves up to the people to make apps to help others. People came up with help your neighbour apps or simple online ordering for restaurants who didn’t have that feature on their website.

One of the problems when an industry has been around for a while is that it can become stagnant. Everyone believes that Silicon Valley is the place you need to go to get start a technology company, find the right co-founder, and secure funding. It’s true, the Valley is a special place that has evolved venture capitalists and entrepreneurs hand in hand. But over the past few years we’ve started seeing a shift in who can be a maker.

In 2018, I gave a keynote on where the next Silicon Valley may be born. In my talk, I showed that successful, innovative technology companies are sprouting up all over the United States. This is good because the more diversity of thought and ideas we have in technology, the more technology can evolve. As David Levitt once said, “a true visionary just makes the future out of what is available, and does not wait for the technology to catch up with him.”

Lily Snyder

Lily Snyder is a software enthusiast who's passionate about using technology to solve business problems. Her background is in enterprise software, manufacturing, and virtual reality. She’s currently serving as Chief Product Officer at NoCodeDevs, an online community for makers to connect, learn, share and discover everything No Code. Say “hi” to Lily on lilyotron.blog, Twitter, LinkedIn.