Toronto Local: Alon of The Chocolate Messenger

The Chocolate Messenger is a small, family-owned business in East Toronto, specializing in providing quality chocolates and truffles for all of life’s occasions. The Chocolate Messenger is a local shop that has been in East Toronto for over thirty years. It's a staple establishment in Leaside. First opened in 1987, The Chocolate Messenger has grown to wholesale, retail, custom orders, and corporate gifts.

Alon is one of the chefs and a manager at The Chocolate Messenger. He takes pride in his chocolate recipes and designs and you'll find rave reviews for The Chocolate Messenger with a quick Google search. From award-winning truffles, to holiday specials, to custom wedding cakes - you can satisfy all your chocolate cravings at The Chocolate Messenger. You can see their drool-worthy creations on The Chocolate Messenger's Instagram. Alon shares what goes into chocolate making, which chocolates Torontonians love the most, and a simple dessert recipe to satisfy the whole family.

Chocolate takes a lot of time and patience to make. A lot of conditions must be considered prior to creating the perfect product. My favourite part of this job is being able to create something new every day!
Alon manager and one of the chefs of The Chocolate Messenger

Who doesn't love chocolate! Let us know, what do Torontonians love to order the most of?

The Chocolate Messenger is know for its truffles. They are definitely our most popular item. We are known for the vibrant colours, large selection and rich taste of the truffles. We have over thirty-five kinds of truffle, with a unique variety of flavours, such as “nutella banana” and “apple crumble." Our fresh cream truffles are made using the old Swiss tradition of chocolate-making.

The holidays are a popular time for chocolate shopping and eating! On Valentine's Day, The Chocolate Messenger offers Hot Chocolate Love Bombs, Heart Smash Boxes and Chocolate Long Stem Roses.

Unique and beautiful truffles at The Chocolate Messenger

What is something people can do with families while staying at home?

We make Do it Yourself (D.I.Y) kits which are so fun to do as a family. We have D.I.Y Turtles, D.I.Y Toffee and Pretzel Bark, and D.I.Y Hot Chocolate. The kits include everything needed to make the product with thorough instructions on how to do it. They are broken down into simple steps, and the kids love it! It's a great way to enjoy a snowy day of Spring break together.

We also offer virtual chocolate tasting, where each member of the group is sent their chocolate tasting kit in the mail prior to. Then, you receive a lesson on chocolate from bean-to-bar and are give four different chocolates to taste and experience together.

Bean to bar - learn about where chocolate comes from with The Chocolate Messenger's virtual tasting.

What’s your favourite treat to make your family?

My family LOVES The Chocolate Messenger's chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn. Whenever I have the chance to bring some of that home, I know it will be a good day. If you get the chance to try it, you’ll understand what all of the fuss is about!  

The Chocolate Messenger's chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn


Well, I can safely say that I am craving chocolate (and caramel popcorn...)! It's great to learn about different tasty treats to create or order for the family when staying at-home. I love the bear-to-bar journey from cacao pod to chocolate and it's great that local shops are offering different ways to teach and provide value to their customers while everyone is staying in. If you're a chocolate lover, make sure to check out the local Toronto shop, The Chocolate Messenger, for your next binge-sesh.

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx, the place to shop local.