Toronto Local: Romain Gaillard of The Detox Market on the green beauty industry

Romain Gaillard, the founder and CEO of The Detox Market started this company a decade ago with the intention of cleaning up the beauty industry. Since 2010, The Detox Market has been "obsessively curating the best of green beauty" by providing high standards on the quality of products they put on their shelves. With three locations in Toronto, as well as New York and California, The Detox Market stands out in the fast-growing green beauty market. Romain shares how the brand has evolved from the early days and his favourite green business to visit in Toronto!

Thanks for doing this interview, Romain! How has The Detox Market evolved from the early days?

Back when The Detox Market began, the concept of green beauty was relatively unknown, and people weren’t aware of the toxicity in personal care products, much less the incredible alternatives available.

Now? It’s a different world and our community is growing larger by the day. So much more than a retailer, The Detox Market has evolved into a platform for connection—connecting amazing makers to people, connecting people with each other, and connecting the dots between our daily choices and our wellbeing. 

Since 2010, The Detox Market  has been obsessively curating the best of green beauty, combing through thousands of products so you can feel safe and confident in your choices. Whether you need help detoxing your beauty bag or finding a skincare regimen that works for you, we’re here to help—no matter what your journey looks like.

How did you get into green and natural beauty? Why is it important?

I started The Detox Market after learning about toxicity in personal care products from a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Beauty should be easy and enjoyable, that is why we only offer safe and effective products.

Inside The Detox Market

What defines green beauty and green beauty products? How do they differ from regular beauty products?

When vetting beauty products the following standards are taken into consideration:

  • Pure Ingredients, products that are made with safe and beneficial ingredients that are ethically and sustainably grown and sourced. All products we carry are free from all ingredients on our Banned Ingredient List
  • Most brands sold at TDM are small, most often founded on a need or void in the market. Ingredients, performance, ethos, cruelty free and sustainability standards are of the highest importance. 

What are some issues in the beauty and wellness industry today that Detox Market hopes to tackle? 

We are definitely trying to do our part to help minimize our carbon footprint with our goal of operating completely carbon negative by 2025. Our Earth CPR Initiative is our sustainability roadmap to achieving our goals planting at least 2.5 million trees, and inspiring others to follow suit.

We also have a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. We’ve been working hard to do our part both internally and externally and are working on some incredible initiatives to support BIPOC-owned green beauty brands including investing in media space, funds for marketing, creative resources, and senior-level mentorship across all business operations.

I’ve heard this is the impossible question but quick: tell me your favourite product Detox Market offers and why! 

I love Odacite’s “Summer in Hossegor” serum, it’s such a treat for the skin. 

Summer in Hossegor by Odacite at The Detox Market

What’s another Toronto sustainable or green business you really admire?

I love Greenhouse Juice. They’ve grown and evolved with us over the years. I admire what they’re doing and how they’re transforming the juice industry.

How has the pandemic shaped the green beauty and wellness industry?

I think it’s prompted people to be more in tune with their bodies, focus on their health and wellness, and pay attention to products they're using. It’s also provided a great opportunity for online shopping, we’re working hard to ensure we’re providing the best possible online experience. 

How can other people become a leader in green beauty, like you?

Stay true to your core values, remain authentic and become involved in the community - it’s a wonderful, supportive place filled with like-minded people. 

What’s a simple change a consumer can make to their daily beauty or wellness routine that’s a little more green?

Start with an item that you use daily, such as a lip balm or lipstick, hand wash or hand cream. It will quickly become part of your routine! 


Thank you to the wonderful team at The Detox Market and to Romain for a great insight into the exciting green beauty and wellness industry. You can find their products online, in-store, and even order green beauty products through Cornershop by Uber. Follow The Detox Market on Instagram for products releases and updates.

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx.