Use Cases

Need data to use or build an AI? Now you can collect anything from Twitter!

Need data to use an AI? Now you can collect anything from Twitter with a couple clicks!

We know: finding and building the datasets to use artificial intelligence or build an artificial intelligence application is the biggest hurdle to accomplishing your goals. Data is the foundation for machine learning and artificial intelligence, but understandably not everyone has a .CSV file of 10,000 rows of labeled Tweets lying around. Well, now you can! Using Metaranx, you can gather any Twitter data you want in seconds by entering a Twitter handle and/or a keyword (or a combination of the two). You can run this Tweet data through our sentiment analysis AI tool in seconds. On a paid plan, you can build your own application using the data you collect from the Twitter Analyzer. Let’s explore some use cases for scraped Twitter data below!

Using an AI application with Tweet data on Metaranx

You will be collecting Tweet data to use with artificial intelligence tools on Metaranx using the new Twitter Analyzer in your Dashboard. If you want to run the data through the sentiment analysis AI on Metaranx, then simply paste in what you’ve collected or upload a .CSV file of the Tweets and you’re good to go!

Twitter handle

Enter in any Twitter handle, including your own, to source Tweets from that handle and Tweets associated with it (such as tags). Simply enter in the Twitter handle into the Twitter Analyzer on Metaranx and all Tweets will be generated. You will only see a few on a free account but can see all in a paid plan and download a .CSV of them. You can run this for celebrities, brands, your own Twitter handle, and much more. Run the collected Tweets through sentiment analysis to see the emotion associated with each Tweet!


Are you curious about how a certain topic is being received and how people feel about it? A hot topic globally is: masks and COVID-19. People have a lot of opinions about masks and opinions are chock full of sentiment or emotion. Get a quick glance of the sentiment when you enter Tweets about “masks” into the sentiment analysis AI.

You can also use this function to see how people feel about your industry. Maybe you’re curious about the product you’re building and how customers feel about your competitors. If you’re a new toothbrush in the field, enter keywords like “Toothbrush,” “Oral B,” or other brands to gather Tweets that have any of those keywords. Run these Tweets through sentiment analysis to better understand customer sentiment about the topic overall.

Combination move: Twitter handle and keyword!

If you want to see what a certain Twitter handle has to say about a certain topic, then enter in both a Twitter handle and a keyword. Using this information, you can extract Tweets that combine both the handle and keyword. Run this data through the sentiment analysis to see the associated emotion.

Building an AI application with Tweet data on Metaranx

If you’re building an AI application on Metaranx, you will need to format the data for your specific creation. Read more about how to format the data for building a sentiment analysis AI application on our blog and help docs. Essentially, you will need to take all the Tweet data you collected, put it into a .CSV file, and label the data. Labeling the data depends on what type of AI you're trying to build. Read about some sentiment analysis AI applications you can build on Metaranx for inspiration, such as building an AI application that determines if your Tweets are likely to get retweeted.

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx.