Lisen Kaci, Metaranx's CTO, launches Wisecrack

The pandemic has us Ontarians in another stay-at-home order. Lisen wanted to use this time to create something fun that could make people smile and virtually bring everyone together without fuss. His idea was to create an app that brought together his favourite elements of party games he loved but also kept the concept simple enough that there were no barriers to being part of a game or creating/hosting a game.

He had some thoughts around what makes a perfect game and started creating one alongside our friends and family - the target audience! There had to be no need to set up a Zoom call or make another virtual event out of it. It had to be something you could play no matter where you were or which device you used. A game where you could include as many people as you wanted. A fun app that allowed you to customize the experience based on who you were playing with.

This led Lisen to launch Wisecrack, a virtual party game where you come up with funny responses to fill-in-the-black questions! There are three categories of generic or basic questions and a game host can create their own questions, too.

About Wisecrack: Virtual Party Game

Wisecrack is about coming up with answers to different prompts. Your goal is to create responses that other players think are the funniest or best. After each players has submitted their response, you get to see all answers, and select which one you think is the best. At the end of each level, players get points when their response is selected as the best. The game winners are chosen based on accumulated points from all three rounds.

How to play a game of Wisecrack

To play Wisecrack, enter the game code the host sent you, pick a username, and click Play Now. In the Lobby, you can see every player in your game. You can chat with players and invite others to the game by sending them the game code using the tab at the top. Click Ready when you are ready to begin. When all players click Ready, the game begins! Have fun!

Fill-in-the-blank questions on Wisecrack

How to create and host your own Wisecrack game

To host your own game(s), click Create A Game, and Register or Sign In. The cost to host and create games is $5. No subscription fees for our beta users - $5 is a one-time fee for forever to create as many games as you want!

A host can start a game by using the default questions/prompts or creating questions. Click “Create Questions” and type in the questions or prompts you’d like to create. Use the word "blank" to add a blank space to a question or prompt. Questions or prompts can be created in any language, including emojis.

Hosts can easily create questions on Wisecrack!

Create A Game by selecting the prompts you’d like to use, such as your questions or the default questions. When you create a game, you will see a 4 digit game code. Send this code to other people you’d like to host in your game. As the host, you can remove any players from the lobby. When all players including the host click Ready, the game begins! Have fun!

Who is Wisecrack app for?

Wisecrack is for anyone! The default questions are about movies, music, and pop culture. The game can be played on any device, any browser, any time, anywhere - no download required!

Wisecrack for virtual work teams

Want an excuse to skip another virtual meeting but connect with your colleagues? Wisecrack app is a great way to do just that! Game creators can write their own questions so feel free to write ice breakers, questions about work topics, and more!

Wisecrack for virtual hangouts and parties

Virtually get together with friends and family over the app. People can play off any device so long as you send them the game code. You can add as many people as you want to a game - yes, invite everyone! Create questions or use the default questions to get started.

Wisecrack questions in any language

Wisecrack supports most languages. Create questions in your language and even use emojis!

After three rounds of questions, the points are added up, and the winners are announced!

Start playing Wisecrack today - no download required!

I look forward to a day when we're all able to get back together in-person but as it seems we're staying in a bit longer, let's find ways to connect without ever having to turn on the dreaded webcam or microphone again. For when we can get together, Wisecrack can be played in-person, much like a card game. Have fun playing Wisecrack!

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx.