Interview with Max Haining of 100DaysofNoCode

Max Haining started 100DaysOfNoCode to help people accelerate their no code learning journey and achieve their goals using no code software platforms to build businesses, websites, applications, and more. Max hosts regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) series where he brings in experts to talk about their no code products or creations. On July 8th 2020, Max hosted Samantha Lloyd, our co-founder and CEO! She presented the closed beta of the Metaranx platform to attendees which was a really exciting endeavour - this platform had not been seen publicly since May and a lot has changed since then!

Many closed beta sign ups are eagerly awaiting their invitation to the platform and the goal is to have everyone on-boarded by the end of July (fingers’ crossed). In the meantime, watch our product demo video and hear what some future users and others interested in Metaranx asked. We cover topics from what you can build to specific use cases of artificial intelligence tasks, democratiation of artificial intelligence, and even where the name Metaranx came from.

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Max Haining answers our questions below about 100DaysOfNoCode, the no code community, and how he plans to grow his social enterprise.

What is 100DaysOfNoCode?

100DaysOfNoCode is an online learning community and educational platform on a mission to democratise software creation by helping people build websites and apps without code. 

Why did you start 100DaysOfNoCode?

It began as a rather extreme way for me to sharpen my no-code skills. After months of reading countless no-code newsletters, watching many a no-code tutorial, listening to no-code podcasts and having no-code project idea after idea swirling through my head, it was time for me to buckle down and actually learn to leverage these tools. 

As I ticked off the days, it became more than just learning how to no-code. It became about the talented makers I was meeting, the cool projects I was exposed to and actually building the 100DaysOfNoCode community itself. 

What are your long terms goals for 100DaysOfNoCode?

Currently, it feels like no-code is just a microcosm of the broader tech community. At 100DaysOfNoCode, we want to put the power of creation into the hands of those previously unable to access it and that goes far beyond the bubble we currently exist in. It includes targeting underrepresented groups in tech such as women and BAME communities but also helping non-tech communities leverage this technology. For example, as part of our Tech for Good program, we’ve begun connecting the no-code expertise of our community with non-profits. The results have been remarkable. Just a few automations, web design tweaks and functionality add ons have saved a lot of time and money for these organisations, which begs the question...what if we could scale this impact?

The bottom line is, we want to make software development more accessible and no-code is the medium through which this can happen. Democratisation can give rise to citizen developers and a more diverse cast of problem solvers and we think that is a pretty exciting future to strive for. 

What does the no code community mean to you?

More than the tools, their speed or ease of use, no-code to me is about community. On my #100DaysOfNoCode ( journey, I’ve played with countless tools, spent hours watching tutorials and building things but nothing comes close to the time I’ve spent collaborating with, learning from and being inspired by fellow creators in the space. These interactions have helped me understand the problems I’m trying to solve in more depth, get invaluable feedback and ultimately be kept accountable. I think I’ve found my tribe!

Talk about being part of the Year Here incubation program:

Over the past 10 months I have been on Year Here, which is a leadership development program that gives you the skills and toolkit to build entrepreneurial solutions to society’s toughest problems. One societal problem I identified was the inaccessibility of software development and the resulting lack of diversity that exists in the space. Although not started as a way to tackle this problem, I soon realised that 100DaysOfNoCode could be part of the solution. This is why I applied and got accepted onto Year Here’s two month incubator program. 

100DaysOfNoCode will now receive some funding, business support and a wider entrepreneurial network to grow the community. 

What is the membership program on 100DaysOfNoCode all about? What does it offer its members?

Learning any new skill is tough. There will always be that early burst of enthusiasm as you explore something new before motivation begins to fade, even when learning something as cool as no-code.

This is why 100DaysOfNoCode has been designed to keep you accountable every step of the way. The bedrock to this is the public accountability you receive from announcing your commitment to no-code learning. You’ll be propped up by our community who’ll pick you up when your energy is waning and celebrate your small and big no-code breakthroughs. We also hold weekly standup groups as a staging post for you to update fellow makers on your progress. And then there’s me as another line of defence in the form of one on one personalised support sessions to map out your learning journey and ensure that you’re on track.

Being a member of 100DaysOfNoCode is about more than being held accountable against your procrastinatory instincts.  We curate and create the best no-code content for you, host weekly expert AMA’s with inspiring no-code experts and give you real world projects to work on via our Tech for Good program. 

The best thing about all of this, is that you’ll be a no-code pro without even being out of pocket with our affordable monthly membership fees and access to discounts for all the major no-code tools. Get membership to 100DaysOfNoCode. Also, I would love to help you on your no-code learning journey, so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter!

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx.