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#GivingTuesday: Adalo and Metaranx team up for the holidays!

The holiday season is upon us and while 2020 may not have left you feeling entirely warm and fuzzy, we wanted to bring a little Good Cheer to your holidays. No code application builder, Adalo, and our no code artificial intelligence capabilities at Metaranx have combined forces to bring you a web application that determines your personality type and provides matching charities for that personality. The goal of the Good Cheer app is to increase awareness and contributions to charities around the world this holiday season. Learn about how Adalo and Metaranx partnered up for this exciting Giving Tuesday project!

What is the Good Cheer app?

Good Cheer is a web app built entirely on Adalo and powered by Metaranx’s artificial intelligence capabilities. Good Cheer is using artificial intelligence to discover your personality type based on your Twitter data (or other text) and pair you with charities or nonprofits that we believe suit that personality type best.

Going forward you can use Adalo and Metaranx to build an AI-powered no code app yourself! 

How does the Good Cheer no code app work to determine my personality?

Good Cheer is using the Twitter Personality Detector tool from the Metaranx platform. The personality detector is an artificial intelligence tool that determines the personality of an author of certain text. In the case of the Adalo app, we are using approximately 10-20 Tweets (depending on character length) that are associated with your Twitter handle or the Twitter handle you enter into the app. This could include retweets, links, and other content. From there, the AI determines which personalities of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types you suit most. Based on the AI’s confidence in the answers, we display the top two relevant personality types.

If you like the personality detector we have some great news! You are able to use the personality detector on our platform, integrate it with your Adalo apps, or build your own personality detector on data you have, such as customer data.

Tell me a bit about the personalities Good Cheer chooses!

We have written our own content on each of the personalities, taking into account suitable jobs for that personality type and what it entails to be that personality type. If your Tweets are mostly your own thoughts or status updates, you will find it to be fairly accurate! If your Tweets include a lot of Re-Tweets, you may be classified under the original author's personality. If you share a lot of links, the AI usually places you into the strategic or business-minded categories for personality types. As we always say, AI is only as good as the data so the best way to determine your personality is through raw content. Try pasting in blogs you write or Facebook and LinkedIn statuses you've crafted to see how it varies based on how you write! Everyone writes a bit differently across the various platforms. It's always fun to compare the results!

How does the Good Cheer no code app choose charities for me?

The Adalo and Metaranx teams have spent some time thinking about the non-profits and charities they’d like to display in the app. Some of them have a personal importance to a team member, some are globally recognized brands, and others are local initiatives. We determined the types of charities that would best suit each personality based on what that personality is typically interested in, the jobs that personality type is suited for, and the basic traits of that personality. The Good Cheer app will display approximately three to six non-profits that we believe would interest you and hopefully introduce you to some new charitable organizations!

How can I donate to the charities chosen for me in the Good Cheer no code app?

We did not want to take a portion of any donations or be in the middle of you and the charity, so when you select a charity you wish to learn more about, volunteer at, or donate to, you will be redirected to that charity’s website and their own donations page. 

How do you know how much I donated using the Good Cheer no code app?

You are welcome to share with us how much you donated so that we can keep a running tally of how the Good Cheer app impacts these charities. We ask that you upload a receipt or screenshot of your donation so we can keep track. You’re welcome to share your name or Twitter handle with your donation so Metaranx and Adalo can give you a shoutout on Twitter!

What are my alternatives to donating money in the Good Cheer no code app?

We know it’s a difficult time for everyone and that you may not be in the right financial situation to donate. Everyone, especially the charities, understands this. Many of the charities we pair you with have volunteer opportunities or the ability to donate gently used items you have lying around at home. If you sign up to volunteer or give items to one of the ones you were selected to donate to then please share on social and tag Metaranx and Adalo! We’d love to see how you’re giving back. If the app leads you to discover a new charity that you really like the idea of, even if you can’t contribute right now, then please be sure to share about that charity on social! A simple Tweet can go a long way.

Who are the charities listed in Good Cheer?

These charities and nonprofits were chosen because they are either special to the Metaranx and Adalo team members, they tackle a wide range of issues, or they just seemed like great causes to get involved with. We covered animals (both wild and pets), affordable housing and homelessness, food scarcity, mental and physical health, environmental causes, education, technology, and more. We also wanted to choose initiatives that support marginalized groups such as nonprofits for LGBTQ+ community members, people who are Indigenous, the Black community, women’s rights and health, and people who face poverty. Most of the charities listed are based in Canada and the US, as that is where our teams are headquartered, but there are a couple from outside these areas, too. Please see the full list here:

Where can I find the Good Cheer no code app?

The Good Cheer app will launch on Adalo December 1st 2020 - also known as #GivingTuesday! You can use the Good Cheer app now. Keep watch on Adalo’s Twitter and Metaranx’s Twitter for the launch and use hashtag #GoodCheer.

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx.