Shopify Business Owners: You Don't Need to be Huge Online Store to be AI-Driven

In a far and distant past, prior to no-code tech, machine learning and AI was reserved for the behemoth giants like Soylent or Allbirds. In 2020, the times have changed and those just starting an online store can be AI-driven—all thanks to data collection and no-code machine learning.

What is No-Code?

Metaranx and Obviously AI talk about this a lot. As leaders in the no-code AI space we kind of have to. No-code tools are ways to make a digital product without needing to know how to code or a technical background.

In a previous post on this blog, Metaranx wrote, “...The no code tools currently available have enabled people to become entrepreneurs who may not have been able to a few years back. No code applications built on Bubble have experienced high sales, been acquired, and even been funded. Google acquired AppSheet in January 2020, officially joining the no code space.”

This speaks to just how no-code is becoming more mainstream in app development and makes me sound less obsessive when it comes to teaching readers the importance of implementing no-code in areas of your business where you have limited technical knowledge or resources.

Of course, no-code ML/AI has many applications other than app development. Analysts can also use machine learning for marketing, detecting credit card fraud, predicting coronavirus recovery, and increasing eCommerce revenue. 

Adding Machine Learning to Your Shopify Store

Speaking to the last application, eCommerce, online sellers can quickly add machine learning predictions to their store

Let’s use Shopify as an example. As a giant eCommerce platform that enables anyone to build an online store and collect data from their customers, this is a great place to start when looking to use data to get insights. Every time a customer buys a product on Shopify, they collect data that can be seen in Shopify’s analytics. 

Your analytics overview dashboard

Shopify’s analytics are a great way to analyze transactional data and get an idea of what you’re doing right and doing wrong—but it's limited.

The analytics dashboard just tells you what has already happened and doesn’t allow you to take action from your data. We love Shopify because it collects data for the user. This is a major pain point for businesses. We see tons of users have trouble with data collection and literacy. Even though Obviously AI offers a dedicated data scientist, it’s still difficult for businesses to know where to start with collecting data. Shopify is amazing because it makes this process incredibly easy.

But, how do you use this data to predict the future instead of just seeing what’s already happened.

You probably guessed it: Machine learning.

Adding Machine Learning to Your Shopify Store

At Obviously AI, we recently built an app that allows Shopify sellers to make predictions inside their store to predict customer behaviour. 

Make a prediction using Obviously AI

You can predict what customers contribute to the most revenue, buy again, and which referral sites give you the most revenue. This is an improvement from Shopify’s basic analytics platform because you can actually take actions from these predictions.

Your prediction outcomes using Obviously AI

You can quickly see which customers are most likely to make a purchase again and how much they are likely to spend and email that customer to send personalized messaging or promo codes to nudge them to increase their probability of buying.

Why Machine Learning is so Important for Smaller Stores and Businesses

Because those who don’t have a data science team can finally be competitive with their data and increase revenue—all thanks to no-code machine learning. This levels the playing field when it comes to using historical data to predict customer behavior. Huge online stores are already implementing customer behavior predictions to build revenue. 

This is also the future of no-code applications. As it becomes easier to add these tools to your technology stack, their needs to be greater adoption and openness. No-code allows for quick implementation and the use of AI without knowing how to build algorithms. Learn more about Obviously AI’s machine learning Shopify app.

Nirman David

As the CEO of Obviously AI, Nirman loves working on new ideas and game changing products. He has majored in Machine Learning & Behavioural Economics from Hampshire College &; MIT, has started 2 VC-funded companies, and has been awarded the Rajeev Circle Fellowship '15 and the INK Fellowship '18.