A no code AI platform that is easy-to-use

The Metaranx software platform makes building AI applications a breeze. No code, no fuss. Simple and straight forward drag-and-drop platform to help you achieve your AI goals.

no code ai platform
build an ai

Our no code platform allows you to build any AI application

text extraction ai

Use text extraction to manage edits on long documents

Who wants to read through pages and pages of jargon-filled documents? An AI does! Look for grammar errors, repeat phrases, anomalies, and more with text extraction tools.

sentiment analysis ai

Use sentiment analysis to determine customer feedback

Customers are posting to social media about your business. Do they perceive your product negatively or positively? Use sentiment analysis to determine customer feelings.

The Metaranx platform easily accomplishes your AI goals

No Code

We’re a no code AI builder. You use our software platform, to create, train, test, and deploy machine learning models.

Data creation

Use, edit, and merge datasets you find on our marketplace or upload yourself. Preprocess datasets with no code.

API generation

Host AI APIs with one click on Metaranx. Companies can easily integrate with your AI API via keys. Charge per call.

AI marketplace

Our AI marketplace is open for anyone to share data, models, functions, and full AI APIs. On the marketplace, you'll find our community.

OSS aggregation

We aggregate all open source, AI-related items. Our marketplace will have resources before we have users due to aggregation.

Drive a profit

Community builders can share open source or sell any datasets, models, functions, or full AI applications on our marketplace.

Metaranx software pricing

We are a pay-per-use platform currently as we believe this is best for new users on a new software! Costs will be displayed in your console.

build ai application

Building an AI application

Each AI application you make will vary in cost depending on the datasets you use. Building a typical text analytical or predictive AI application, such as a sentiment analysis application, could cost $88.00+ (USD).

test ai application

Testing or using your AI application

When you build or use an AI, you will want to test it to be sure it functions as expected. Testing is free to a certain extent then you are charged a few cents (USD) per use (or "call"). You can charge other users per use/call for using your AI!

host ai application

Hosting an AI API on the marketplace

When you are hosting an AI application or resource on the marketplace, you can charge users any fee you'd like per use. Your API or any other AI resources you add to the marketplace are hosted.

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