A no code AI platform that is easy-to-use

The Metaranx software platform enables you to use and build AI applications and achieve your AI goals with no code.


Use artificial intelligence tools on your data

Collect any data

Copy-and-paste data, upload a .CSV of data, or find Twitter data from users and/or keywords to create datasets.


You've got a lot of data but want to understand more about it. Run your data through the AIs to get information and feedback.


Make predictions on your data so you can make better decisions around your social, business, & more.

Build artificial intelligence tools with your data

Apply your data

Use data you've collected or have on-hand. Format it and train your own artificial intelligence tool to do what you need it to.

Use anytime

Use the AI tool you built to make predictions and analyze new data you ask your AI to review. Make better business decisions.

Sell and share

Host your AI tool on the Metaranx marketplace. Users can easily integrate with your AI and you can profit or share for free.

Build custom solutions with no code on Metaranx or with our team!

If you have an idea in mind of what you'd like to accomplish for your data with artificial intelligence but don't want to build your own AI tools, our team is happy to work with you on your idea!

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