A marketplace for you to share, buy, and sell

Whether you want to share your creations open source, buy other users' datasets, or sell your own AI API - you can do it all on Metaranx

share ai on marketplace
build an ai

Our marketplace allows you to integrate with or use any component

find pretrained ai applications

Integrate with pre-trained AI applications on the marketplace

If you find the perfect AI application on the marketplace for your business or personal needs, simply integrate with the API and start using it!

build ai from scratch

Download and buy components to build your own AI application

Whether you're looking for a template, component, or datasets for an AI application you want to build, find those on the marketplace.

The Metaranx marketplace has it all

Open source

We’re a no code AI builder. You use our software platform, to create, train, test, and deploy machine learning models.

Buy anything

Use, edit, and merge datasets you find on our marketplace or upload yourself. Preprocess datasets with no code.

Sell anything

Host AI APIs with one click on Metaranx. Companies can easily integrate with your AI API via keys on the marketplace.

Integrate with AI APIs

Our AI marketplace is open for anyone to share data, models, functions, and full AI APIs. On the marketplace, you'll find our community.

OSS aggregation

We aggregate open source, AI-related items. Our marketplace will have resources before we have users due to aggregation and they will be free.

Drive a profit

Community builders can share open source or sell any datasets, models, functions, or full AI applications on our marketplace.

How to earn money on Metaranx

Anything you create, you have the opportunity to sell. You are welcome to sell your own datasets, AI models and templates, or full AI APIs for other creators or businesses to use.

You set your pricing. We will show you the costs of running your AI so you can adjust accordingly and be sure to profit.

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