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Toronto Local: Laura Armstrong of Dirty Blonde on making a product from a personal need

Ever really needed something that didn't exist? Laura Armstrong took that and turned it into a product and ecommerce business!

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Will no-code platforms democratize chatbots for small businesses?

Small businesses and local shops often rely on no code platforms for their tech needs. Can no code chatbots improve customer service?

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Black-owned businesses in Toronto to find clothing, art, beauty, jewelry, home decor

Discover some Black-owned, local shops in Toronto that offer clothing, art, beauty, jewelry, home decor.

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Toronto Local: Alon of The Chocolate Messenger

We could all use a chocolatey pick-me-up and Alon, chef and manager of The Chocolate Messenger, has some chocolate treats to share!

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Toronto Local: Ingrid Castro of Toronto Dog Moms on creating community

Ingrid Castro founded Toronto Dog Moms, a local pet shop in Toronto. Ingrid Castro shares about creating community, being a dog mom, and being a local Toronto store.

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Toronto Local: Linda Prangley & Carolyn Ray of Love Me Do Maternity and Baby Store

Love Me Do Maternity and Baby's Linda Prangley & Carolyn Ray on managing a small and local shop in the pandemic and serving Toronto's young families.

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6 Simple Tips to Make Your Online Ecommerce Store Standout

Tips on how to make your e-commerce store standout online through best product, storytelling, and customer support.

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Toronto Local: Mathieu McFadden of ChocoSol Traders discusses horizontal trade, running a storefront

ChocoSol is a local bean-to-bar chocolate and coffee shop in Toronto. Mathieu McFadden discusses horizontal trade, running a storefront in a pandemic, and cacao.

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Best Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas for 2021 from Local Shops in Toronto

This Valentine's Day in Toronto may be spent at home, but there are great virtual date and delivery ideas for Valentine's Day from local shops.

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