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On our blog, you'll (soon) find stories and interviews with the small business owners in your city. We highlight business owners through content so you can learn what it takes to run the businesses they do, how they create the products, and what you can find at their stores and online.

Giving you stories and interviews from local businesses

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Interview with Max Haining of 100DaysofNoCode

Interview with Max Haining about 100DaysOfNoCode, the no code community, and how he plans to grow his social enterprise.

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Metaranx closed beta is live! Launching with sentiment analysis

Metaranx's closed beta went live on July 1st 2020. We are starting with allowing you to use and build sentiment analysis AI applications.

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Remote work-life balance tips for small business owners

Obtaining work-lifе balance is the goal оf mаnу реорlе doing rеmоtе work, John Caffier of Jocapps gives some advice.

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Taking a stance: why we will not be allowing facial recognition applications to be built on our platform

Why Metaranx will not be allowing facial recognition applications to be built, sold, shared, or used on our platform or marketplace.

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Product iteration in the early stages of Metaranx

Find out more about our the product iteration the Metaranx platform has been through.

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Metaranx co-founders featured on the #LivingTheStartup podcast

Get to know our co-founders and learn more about the early days of Metaranx.

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My favourite digital tools to make life easy for small businesses

Favourite AIs for consumers: from content writing to image manipulation to personal assistants.

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Shopify Business Owners: You Don't Need to be Huge Online Store to be AI-Driven

Turn your Shopify store into one that is data driven with Obviously AI

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Why No Code is the Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence

Lily Snyder of and No Code Devs talks no code and AI

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