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On our blog, you'll find stories and interviews with the local shop owners in your city. We highlight business owners through content so you can learn what it takes to run the businesses they do, how they create the products, and what you can find at their stores and online.

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4 ways you can save money when running your ecommerce shop

Business owners need to save money when running an ecommerce shop. Learn how you can save!

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Lisen Kaci, Metaranx's CTO, launches Wisecrack

Lisen Kaci, Metaranx's CTO, launches Wisecrack: a virtual party game of funny fill-in-the-blanks!

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Toronto Local: Romain Gaillard of The Detox Market on the green beauty industry

Romain Gaillard of The Detox Market discusses the growing green beauty and wellness industry in Toronto.

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Glad Day Bookshop is an independent bookshop in Toronto and the world's oldest LGBTQ+ Bookshop

MJ Lyons, Bookstore Manager of Glad Day Bookshop takes us through the history of the world's oldest LGBTQ bookshop.

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Toronto Local: Nadia Lloyd turns art into impact with BLM, Raptors, and masks

Nadia Lloyd, Toronto artist, discusses turning art into impact for BLM, Raptors, Pride, and John Tory.

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3 ways your wallet can support local shops and business owners

Shopping local is good for your wallet, your community, and small business owners.

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6 best ways to promote your ecommerce store to maximize sales

Want to grow sales? Check out these 6 tips to promote your ecommerce store to maximize sales.

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On-Page Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: Do it yourself SEO!

Learn on-page Search Engine Optimization for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Pivoting your business on Doc Williams' live stream with Samantha Lloyd

Metaranx's CEO Samantha Lloyd was on Doc Williams' live stream about pivoting your business

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