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What is Metaranx

Metaranx is a drag-and-drop software platform that allows you to build your very own AI tools, applications, and creations without having to code. But we, as the founders, are a couple of techies looking to democratize artificial intelligence.

metaranx toronto startup

Why we started Metaranx

Artificial intelligence needs are going to outpace our current growth unless we find a way to train, educate, and include more people. We started Metaranx to improve accessibility in artificial intelligence, decrease bias in AI applications, and fill the millions of jobs AI will create. A no code solution allows anyone to enter the field.

why we started metaranx
ai for good

Metaranx values and goals

Building a platform that allows anyone to build AI applications comes with its own set of challenges. Read more about our choice not to allow facial recognition on our platform and our Terms of Service.

Our community helps us keep our platform and marketplace free of AI applications that are malicious or illegal in their intent. Help us protect AI and those who use it by letting us know about AIs or datasets against our ToS.

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