What is Metaranx?

Metaranx allows you to shop local in your city. We built a platform that allows you to shop local Shopify stores and products.

Metaranx enables Shopify store owners to be more searchable by making a platform where you can see what's out there from local businesses!

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Meet the Metaranx team

We're a couple of techies who love to digitize small businesses. It's nice to meet you!

samantha lloyd metaranx

Samantha Lloyd

Co-Founder, CEO

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lisen kaci metaranx

Lisen Kaci

Co-Founder, CTO

Join our Facebook Group of local shop owners

If your local shop is on Metaranx, please join our Facebook group. On there you'll find resources, events, connect with our business owners in the community, and more!

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Our latest news

Find content and interviews from local and small business owners in your city!