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Use and build artificial intelligence tools to analyze and make decisions about your data. Drag-and-drop. No code.

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make your own ai no code

Analyze Twitter data in seconds

Make better decisions on social media using artificial intelligence. Whether you're looking for higher engagement, the best accounts to follow, to categorize your followers for lists, or to avoid bots - you will be able to do it all on Metaranx.

Metaranx is democratizing AI

Metaranx software allows you to easy collect your data, understand your data, and build your own AIs.


You can collect data from Twitter or paste in any text-base data and save it to your account for future building, plus run it through artificial intelligence tools.


Run any of your text-based data through the different artificial intelligence tools we offer to understand or make predictions.


Use the data you collected, data on our marketplace, or data you have on-hand to build artificial intelligence applications - all no code.

merging no code & ai

Collect data, analyze your data, and build applications visually

Metaranx software platform

Use the Metaranx software platform to run artificial intelligence tasks on your text-based data or build AI applications with no code. Upload your own datasets in .CSV or copy-and-paste any text-based data in.

Our platform
share ai marketplace
no code software platform

Metaranx marketplace

Coming soon! The Metaranx marketplace is where you can share open source or sell templates, data, and anything that you create for our AI platform. Run your own AI startup or sell the data you collect as you browse the web.

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