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Metaranx AI builder platform
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Create, share, and sell your own AI tools. No code required.

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What is Metaranx?

Metaranx is a drag-and-drop software platform that allows you to build your very own AI tools, applications, and creations. No coding skills required!

Upload your data, models, or full AI creations to our marketplace. You can participate in the open source community or charge a fee for use when someone wants to use what you've built. Anything you build can be made into an API for easy integration and hosted on our platform.


How will you use Metaranx?

Launch an AI Startup

entrepreneurs & creatives

Ever wanted to build an AI startup but didn't know how? Using our no code AI builder, you can create AI tools that other companies can find on our marketplace, purchase, and easily integrate with.

Share your code

devs & data scientists

Our marketplace allows you to share or sell any data, models, functions and more. You can configure your creation or any open source models to work with our drag-and-drop platform.

Use AI for fun

hobbyists & enthusiasts

Using data, models, or full AI templates from the Metaranx Marketplace you can build the AI tool of your dreams. Host on our platform, keep it private, share it to the marketplace, or download it.

Our AI community and marketplace


Upload your data

If you've got a collection of data, share it on our platform. You can offer your data for free, charge for it, or keep it private for your use only. A collection of data could be anything from a series of photos, to a bunch of recipes, to music playlists and more. You will have access to all types of data to make your AIs.

Metaranx AI marketplace

Share your models

If you're a developer or data scientist, upload your models and assets on the marketplace so people creating AIs can purchase. You can also share your models open source or keep them private on your account. Models for all types of AIs will be available for free or for a fee on the marketplace.

Metaranx AI builder console

Build your AI tool

Using any data and model on our platform, or your own, create an AI tool with no code. Make it for personal use, for the open source community, or offer it for business applications. Fine tune a model on our platform or download the code and host it elsewhere. You own everything you create.

Metaranx AI bert model

AI for everyone

purple laptop icon

No coding required

We want AI to be accessible to all. Build tools that help you in life or work or sell your own tools.

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AI marketplace

The Metaranx marketplace links to open source data, models, and AIs, as well as what our users upload to it.

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Dashboard of information

Your dashboard will be full of stats, the money you are earning from your AI creations, and more.

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Open source software

Find free to use data sets, models, and tools on our platform. Our marketplace has a lot of open source software gathered from other resources.

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Sell what you create

If you have a data set, have developed a model, or have built a full AI, add it to our platform for sale or open source.

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Be part of AI

Part of improving accessibility and eliminating discrimination in AI is to include as many voices as possible in the process of creating data, models, and tools.

Use AI for everything

Better movie recommendations

Who isn't tired of the not-so-accurate recommendations that online streaming platforms offer? Learn how you can easily make an AI to suggest movies recommendations for you or build a tool that anyone can use to fine tune the model on their own movie watching data.

Use Case
movie projector

Writing content for business

Content reigns king in online marketing, but it's a struggle for most business owners to keep up with the demand of writing. Create an AI that finds keywords, crafts titles, and writes content that is relevant to your industry.

Use Case
content writer in coffee shop

Medical assistance for healthcare

Small clinics in Northern Ontario rely on lean teams of nurses, on-call doctors, and the occasional dentist to handle patient needs. Fine tune a medical model to assist with diagnoses related to dental, lung, and other x-ray required diagnoses.

Use Case
dentist looking at xray

AI is for everyone. Let's democratize it.

metaranx ai builder on desktop

Make your own AI. No code.

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