Make your own AI. No code.

You'll be first in line to build your own artificial intelligence applications and tools. Drag-and-drop. No code.

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make your own ai no code

How will you use Metaranx AI building platform?

We envision a world where anyone can build AI applications. Whether you need them for your business or your team, if you're launching an artificial intelligence startup, or if you just love AI - you can use Metaranx.

visual development

Create, share, and sell your own AI applications. No code required.

no code software platform

No code software platform

Visual development empowers every person to achieve their goals. Artificial intelligence is a sector that demands true accessibility, less bias, and millions more creators. That's why our software platform allows anyone to build AI applications without having to code.


Marketplace for AI

Building a marketplace is tough and we'll rely on our talented community of no code builders, data scientists, and developers to share or sell templates, models, and datasets. In the meantime, we've aggregated open source resources that are ready-to-use with Metaranx!

share ai marketplace

Let's make AI accessible for everyone

No code - for real

You do not need to know a single line of a code to build AI applications and host them on our platform. However, if you are a developer looking to speed up AI dev, you may add your own code.

Easily format your datasets

Formatting your dataset is an important part of building a successful AI application. Use our drag-and-drop data editor to build, edit, and merge datasets.

One-click API creation

Spare yourself the headache and host your AI application on our marketplace with one click! Users and customers can easily integrate with your AI API through our marketplace.

Share or sell creations

Our marketplace is open to you to not only download or purchase from but to share and sell your own creations. Whatever you make - templates, datasets, full AI APIs, can be sold or shared open source.

Powerful dashboard analytics

View all your purchases, sales, customers, and more in your console dashboard. You'll be able to track your revenue and profits with ease.

Start with a goal

We've designed Metaranx to help you achieve your AI goals with ease. Start with deciding what type of application you're looking to create and we'll direct you accordingly.

The no code community is ready for artificial intelligence

Builders and makers from around the world are signing up for Metaranx beta release. They want to build some pretty cool things with AI. Tell us what you want to build!

lil snyder nocodedevs
Lily Snyder
CPO, NoCodeDevs
Founder, Lilytron blog

As a writer and blogger, I'm interested in the next generation of AI. It would be interesting to see what an AI could write based off an idea or topic. I would also like to use the Sentiment Analysis to see how people respond to a piece of writing.

No code AI applications you can build

Metaranx will launch with natural language processing tasks, as it has a broad range of capabilities. We will expand to new tasks as we grow!

Sentiment analysis

You will be surprised with all that sentiment analysis can create when paired with natural language models.

Text extraction

Everything from searching for grammatical errors to combing through large documents for patterns.

Text labeling

Classify and label bodies of text or content, whether small or large, to sort and understand.

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