Let no code AI find your die hard fans.

Every business has a group of people just waiting to discover it. Let's find, build, analyze, and predict the community that's waiting for you.

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make your own ai no code

Let AI analyze and predict your community

You already invest in your community. It's time to integrate artificial intelligence tasks into your workflow, social media, or no code app building to improve your return.

Metaranx is democratizing AI so anyone can use and build AI tools

Metaranx allows you to easily collect the data you already have, understand your data, and build your own AI tools.


You can easily collect data or run artificial intelligence tasks on any data you already have. Get data from the no code platforms you already use.


Run any of your text-based data through the different artificial intelligence tools we offer to better understand your data or make predictions.


Use the data you collected or data you have across different no code platforms to build AI applications - all no code. Generate an API key to use that AI application anywhere!

We partnered with Adalo to bring AI to your app building!

Adalo and Metaranx partnered up for the holidays to create Good Cheer, an app that determines your personality from your Twitter handle - and matches you to non-profits we believe you'd love to give back to this holiday season! 🎁

Our latest updates

Let us answer your artificial intelligence questions. Read features on creators and companies in the no code space.

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